Good question! It's true that we want them all! Our two ranges offered are: All Around and Touring. To meet everyone's needs, here are some points to consider to find the board that best suits your needs:

- SUP experience
- Types of experience sought (ride , yoga, fitness, long distance, surfing, for kids, etc) board users (only you, kids, friends, etc.)
- Types of body of water (rough, calm, waves, etc.) .)

For people with little or no experience, we recommend the All Around range as they have a slightly rounder nose and they are also a little shorter which allows for ease out peer to maneuver. You will therefore be able to learn the sport and enjoy your outings on the lakes in complete safety and with complete peace of mind.

For more advanced people or those who are in their 2nd or 3rd season of SUP and who are looking for stronger sensations and more speed, we recommend the Touring range. With its slightly longer length and more pointed front, this one will glide faster on the water which will give you unparalleled speed.

First of all, each board has its advantages. The real question is which is the ideal board for you and according to your needs.

All Around Board: The All Around model is ideal for those looking for a stable and easy to maneuver board. With its generous dimensions and unequaled stability. So whether you have little or no experience in Paddleboarding, you can enjoy your outings on the lakes in complete safety and with complete peace of mind.

Touring board: The Touring model is perfect for thrill seekers thanks to its streamlined shape and exceptional sliding ability. We designed it to be a bit wider than the All Around board to allow you to have better stability given its more accentuated speed on the water.

This configuration allows for better steering on calm water and provides additional control/stability in SUP surf and/or river mode.

Also, it allows you easier storage since we offer the 3 removable fins which will allow you to remove them if necessary and save space when you fold your board to store it.


Yes, no problem! The next time you use it, however, make sure the board is still between 15 and 18 PSI. Even if your board still seems fully inflated, it may have lost some air since the last use. This is completely normal. We therefore invite you to inflate it again up to 15-18 PSI and hop in the water.
However, it is important to NEVER leave your board in the sun.

When you get out of the water, it is important to rinse the board well (especially the sea salt, if any) and put it away from the sun. If the weather permits, it is always best to have your board dry before putting it back in its carrying bag. This prevents moisture from accumulating in the carry bag.

En premier lieu, nous vous recommandons de rincer votre planche avec de l'eau fraîche et ensuite la nettoyer à l'aide d'un nettoyant naturel pour planches à pagaie.

Veuillez consulter notre section accessoires pour découvrir celui que nous recommandons et vendons pour nos planches.

To avoid any possible breakage, we recommend it. If you don't want to remove the fin after each use, our carrying bag has a zipper that allows you to leave the fin on the board even when it is stored.


Our boards are delivered in 2 to 3 business days.

Oui ! Une fois que votre commande sera traitée et prête à être expédiée, vous recevrez un courriel vous indiquant votre numéro de suivi afin de suivre les mises à jour de votre livraison.

Service à la clientèle

Si quoi que ce soit va pas, nous sommes toujours à votre disposition.

Vous pouvez nous joindre par téléphone au 514-434-6020 ou par courriel au info@sunvibessup.com et il nous fera un grand plaisir de vous assister.


Oui ! Nos sacs de transport ont étés conçus sur mesure afin d'être compatible avec tout les coffres de voitures.

Une fois que votre planche et ses accessoires y sont rangés ses dimensions sont de 37" (longueur) 16" (largeur) et 12.5" (profondeur).

Oui ! Une fois que votre planche et ses accessoires y sont rangés, le sac de transport avec planche All Around pèse 27 lbs et le sac de transport avec planche Touring pèse 29 lbs.